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Our technical experts have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of accounting, financial reporting. Concise, timely, value-driven reporting supports effective corporate decision-making at every level and in all your markets. Scalable services adapt easily to any business and are flexible enough to evolve with it. 

From bookkeeping outsourcing, through tax filings and VAT registration, to global reporting and analysis and consulting, we can strip away cost, complexity and risk. 

 The location and local regulations concerning language and location of accounting records will determine from which of our centres your local record keeping will be processed. 

 Your accountant will always be on hand to answer your questions. You can contact them via email, phone, live chat, Skype or meet in person.


Our team of professionals offer numerous corporate, payroll, value added and withholding tax services to clients throughout Africa. 

  • The tailored service matches the client’s needs for; 
  • Corporate tax compliance 
  • Corporate tax consulting 
  • Employer Services  
  • Trust, estate and individual services 
  • International tax across Africa

By building a bespoke service for clients and listening to their needs, we offer a reliable and compliant solution for tax in Africa.






Our Business advisers give advice and support to help new businesses start up, and established businesses grow. We can direct on a range of business areas from finances to business plans. Our team are experienced and can advise on licenses, bank accounts, government bodies and keep you ahead of those unexpected developments. Our in-Country teams across Africa have all the latest news and developments for any business to stay compliant as changes occur.







Handling the payroll of employees in foreign countries can cause unnecessary strain on a company’s resources. Tax requirements differ from country-to-country and the process is time-sensitive to avoid late Payment penalties. 

Our organization can guarantee compliant and timely fund remittance by outsourcing your payroll duties to Afritax. Afritax assigns a single point-of-contact across our extensive country network to standardize your African payroll processes. 


  • Organization and local payroll set up 
  • Secure records and timely, detailed reporting 
  • Clear and comprehensible local payroll calculations 
  • Rapid movement of funds for salaries and tax remittances 
  • Continuous monitoring of tax regulations

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We follow strict GDPR Rules and ensure full compliance with all Tax Laws in Africa